What is a Civil Funeral?

A civil funeral is one which reflects the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their loved ones.  It is composed and conducted in accordance with instructions of the deceased and their family. 

A funeral service may contain poems, songs, music, and readings from books, all of which have meaning for the deceased and the friends and family gathered for the funeral.

Tributes can also be paid to the deceased by family members and by the celebrant if required by the family.  Many people are now on Facebook and similar Internet sites and extracts from their page or tributes which have been posted can be incorporated into the service. 

The length of service is determined by the wishes of the family and is organised in conjunction with the undertaker.

Many civil funerals take place at the crematorium but this does not have to be the case.  Any suitable venue can be used and the venue can be chosen by the family in conjunction with their undertaker.

A civil funeral provides an opportunity to celebrate, remember and pay fitting tribute to the deceased.  It is a time for people to come together and support each other in their grief and to pay a fitting farewell to their loved one.